Line Up for Ice Music Festival Finse 2018

*Update 27th November* - you can buy the tickets over at our Tikkio shop now...see you in Finse. We can't wait 😎

We're really pleased to announce the line up for our mini Ice Music Festival 2018 in our new location of Finse, Norway. Anchored by the Ice Music pioneer Terje Isungset and giant of sublime musical improvisation, Arve Henriksen - we can't wait to welcome you in February 2018. Details about the new location can be found in our previous news post ❄️

Emile Holba

Friday Feb 2nd


Winter Songs: Terje Isungset (Ice Percussion) Arve Henriksen (Ice Trumpet & voice), Anders Jormin (Ice Bass), Maria Skranes (vocals). Music based on Isungset's genre defining Ice Music album “Winter songs”. Duration 1 hour.


Igloofonarium! What is this? An igloo made out of frozen water, and ice horns connected to the igloo from the outside. Inside the igloo you will find the audience only! Duration 20 minutes, as the weather gets very cold.


The purest sound of ice - Ice Only!

A little meditation using Ice Percussion only. Expose yourself to the wintery sonics of Finse's frozen lake, Finsevatnet. Duration 20 mins as the weather gets very cold.

Emile Holba

Saturday Feb 3rd


Glacier Speaks: we will try to make instruments out of the amazing 350m thick Hardangerjøkulen glacier that overlooks the Finse plateau. 

Arve Henriksen: Ice, voice and electronics with Anders Jormin on Ice Bass. Duration 45 minutes.

The venue location will be approximately 100m from the world famous Finse 1222 Hotel which itself is situated right next to the train station platform - very important, as Finse is only accessible by train during the winter months.

Please note that the weather in Finse can be very cold, easily reaching -20ºC. The colder temperatures are perfect for the incredibly dynamic fragility of Ice Music because the colder the air temperature, the clearer the sound of Ice, which displays a far wider dynamic range. So seek out your warmest clothing and join us on a truly exotic aural journey!

Prices & details about accommodation will be posted in next few days, so please watch out on our Twitter & Instagram feeds ❄️

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